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Archive for November, 2008

5 Coolest 2009 Motocross Bike Innovations

The 2009 motocross bikes are here, and they look great! The “Big 5″ have made a lot of changes to make this years bikes the best ever. However, 5 innovations within the industry have struck me as the coolest and most interesting.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Kawasaki is one of the many companies to have EFi in their 450cc motocross bike. Photo from
-Photo from

Obviously, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFi) is one of the biggest new features of 2009. This has been in testing for a few years, but 2009 is the first in which the majority of motocross 450s will be EFI based. Form my point of view, EFI is almost entirely a step in the right direction. Not only does it produce soother, more consistent power in various weather conditions and locations in the power-band, but it also eliminates the troublesome and sometimes even dangerous low end bog that four strokes experiences sometimes. The one downside is that EFI adds some foreign technological complexity that mechanics experienced with carburetors may be confused by. Hopefully, however, the EFI systems should work good out of the box and not need a lot of after market tuning. Overall, I believe that EFI is a great transition for the sport of motocross and will provide us with better performing bikes for years to come. The auto industry has not looked back since switching to EFI and I doubt motocross will.

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UK Motocross Star Billy Mackenzie Revealed as Member of Radical Political Party

European motocross star Billy Mackenzie has recently been revealed as a member of the radical British National Party.
It is clear that our world is in a time of extreme political tension. From terrorist groups to race supremacy groups, every country is facing some form of political difficulties. Motocross has been relatively free from political tension, although this is about to end. British motocross star Billy Mackenzie has been revealed as a member of the Britain Nation Party, an anti-immigration British political party. According to the article on Mail Online:

The 24-year-old, who is the UK's reigning MX1 motocross champion, was described on the leaked list as an 'activist' and a 'high-profile sportsman', according to The Independent.

There has been a lot of debate over the morality of his public involvement in such a radical group, and as a result, I decided to share my views on the topic.

Personal Choice

Billy Mackenzie at the 2008 Motocross of Nations. Photo from
-Photo from

The beauty of political parties is that every member of the country has the personal choice to support which groups they wish to. Without this concept, democracy simply would not work. In this same train of thought, it is perfectly acceptable for Billy Mackenzie, being a British citizen, to support the BNP. The BNP is a legitimate political party of Britain. However, their radical views regarding immigration and racial superiority have earned them the reputation of being white supremacists. Regardless, Mackenzie has the moral and ethical right to support whichever political party he chooses, and should not be pressured by his occupation or his sponsors to supports ideals and political philosophies which he does no

t agree with. This idea is the basis of free and open politics.

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My 2008 Thanksgiving Cycling Excursion

As my interest in cycling has brown over the past few months, I decided that as long as the weather was decent, I would cycle to my Aunt/Uncle/Cousins' house in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, the weather was perfect fall riding weather and I was able to successfully complete my ride. The ride was nothing special in terms of terrain, temperature, or distance, however it was fun and I figured I would right up a small ride report.

What I Wore

Right before I left, all geared up and ready to go. I took off the face mask before I departed.
When I left my house at about 10:30AM Thanksgiving morning it was about 40°F, and the high for the day was 45°F, so I bundled up pretty good to make sure I was warm throughout the ride. Here is what I wore:

Overall, my outfit was really effective. I was warm overall although on certain sections of the ride I got a little hot or a little cold, but that is almost unavoidable when riding in and out of shadows. A lot of the gear I wore was not cycling specific, but actually snowboarding gear. I just started cycling, and have been snowboarding for years, so I have a lot of snowboarding gear and would rather not spend hundreds of dollars on cycling specific winter riding gear.

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Happy Thanksgiving

-Photo by riptheskull on Flickr.

Hey everyone, just wanted to stop by and say Hap

py Thanksgiving to all. I hope everyone has a great day with lots of great food. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with family and friends and getting to enjoy one of the absolute best meals of the year. Spread the Thanksgiving cheer to everyone you see!


Action Wipes Review

Note: i received a review sample of Action Wipes after being contacted by their founder @MarthaVan on Twitter, however after testing them I would not hesitate to purchase them for myself, or recommend them to others.

Action Wipes
There is no way around it, motocross is a dirty sport. Whether the track is muddy or dry, coming off the track with a dirty, grimy face is commonplace for serious motocross racers. While most riders choose to clean up with water after a moto, the truth is that there are better options available. One of these options is Action Wipes, a fairly new product From Life Elements, Inc. Action Wipes are a revolutionary new wet wipe designed specifically for high intensity athletes made from natural ingredients. I recently tried action wipes after my daily road bike roller rides, and I have loved them so far. Unfortunately, because it is not motocross season, I was unable to test them for motocross use, but I am convinced that they would perform just as well in a motocross setting.


Action Wipes come in a large, heavy duty and eco-friendly package.
Although it may seem like a relatively materialistic concern, the packing of a product not only affects users preconceived notions of the product, but also shows the companies attention to detail when designing their products. I used the 5 pack, and the packing was phenomenal. The plastic was very thick and durable, the logos bright and well designed. The best part was that the bag was re-closable which makes it very convenient to store Action Wipes wherever you may need them. The Zip-lock style bag holds in the moisture of the wipes well and keeps the slightly strong scent contained.

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